Bold, outstanding brands are not just for the Googles of this world – just because your business is growing, it doesn’t mean you can’t look fantastic!

A big brand strategy and fresh design can utterly transform a business.

I will unleash that hidden power with you and have you playing with the big boys.


Hi, I’m Lauren

brand strategist, all round creative and designer, who loves working with SME’s who need creative support to tell their brand story to the world.

I have roots firmly in design, with careers in agencies around the world, in everything from retail interiors to experiential, furniture to digital.

I love working closely with business owners in building out their vision, there’s no better feeling when they reap the benefits of the work we do together and are so proud of their brand.

It’s an emotional and very personal journey.

I was introduced to brand and its transformative qualities whilst working as an interior designer. I saw first-hand the process of brand concept to realisation and was utterly hooked! Building a space and experience from a logo, a bunch of words and images was so inspiring.

It launched my love affair with the power of brand and revolutionised how I looked at branding, how it touches everything – digital, physical, print, operational, culture, recruitment… Who knew?!


My 15 years of experience means I have a strategic and holistic approach to design and brand storytelling, leveraging it for the biggest impact.  


Some clients like to work with me solely on their brand strategy – usually if they’ve been around a bit and now need a clearer blueprint to build their next steps.  

Others, I design their full brand identity, everything from business cards to filming promotion videos and office design (who doesn’t like a bit of sketching and Pinterest action?!).

Others I’m fortunate enough to continue with and manage their brand assets month on month as their dedicated brand manager. This helps build a cohesive and consistent brand message to the market – and I get to have another office of people I can call colleagues (read: multiple Christmas party fun!).


What’s stopping you? I would love to hear all about your business and see how I can help.

What is holding your brand back?

Book in for a no-obligation, FREE 30 minute consultation with me now and we’ll talk about how I can help transform you brand. No hard sell – I’m not the pushy type…


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