Just because you’re not playing with the big boys (yet), it doesn’t mean your business can’t look like it is.

With BIG brand strategy and beautiful design, small businesses can make a HUGE impact.

Hi, I'm Lauren

The brains behind Box Creative Ltd, brand strategist, all round creative and designer.

I love working with business owners who need creative support to (re)discover their brand story and shout it to the world.

I get my thrills from turning tepid and muddled ideas into something gorgeous, tangible and stand-out – empowering business owners to be bold and confident with going out there and kicking it, whatever they do.



It’s not just about an awesome logo and impressive website (although I’ll do that for you too!). Brand strategy goes far deeper. It’s your secret sauce for building real value, excellent customer experience and uniting your team – creating the business you want to, on your terms.



A strategic brand and design toolkit gives you a solid blueprint for every twist and turn your business takes. Brand strategy aligns your business purpose, distinction, what you care about and how you show up – EVERYWHERE. It’s the thread that weaves through your communications, operations and sets the tone for your culture. No more hours wasted on DIY design programmes, no more embarrassing amateur graphics, no more nasty surprises. Just a solid brand strategy that makes you more efficient, your customers feel in safe hands, and your business more money.



I’m not just another freelancer. When you hire me to take on your brand strategy, I become part of YOUR team. An in-house design and strategy expert, all round eager beaver ready to deliver all your branding and design needs to deadline.



Because you only pay for our expertise when you need it, we are a cost-effective way of having all the benefits of a personal in-house design and strategy team (with none of the holiday leave or sick pay!).


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Want a team that gets your vision, customers that love what you do, and a brand you can be super proud of?

What my clients say


Box Creative is one of the best

Lauren’s creative skills are exceptional as she listens carefully to what you want and finds ways to deliver it in visual form in a very attractive and engaging manner. I have worked with many marketing, creative and branding design experts and I can honestly say that Box Creative is one of the best I’ve ever worked with. She is amazing and deserves every success. I will recommend her to everyone I meet.

Rebecca Bonnington, Tricres LLP


Lauren’s care and attention to detail was a weight off my mind

Box Creative helped me take my brand to market - I had an idea and a logo but nothing else. They helped me, not only tell my brand story, but helped me structure how to and where to effectively communicate the brand to the right audience. Lauren’s care and attention to detail, as well being able to look at the whole brand story, has been a weight off my mind and helped me go to market with confidence, a clear message and a refined look.

John Hart, Chord Event


She gets under the skin of your brand

Box Creative has worked with us for the past three years. Her approach makes her feel like an extension of the team, working closely with me, as the business owner, to really understand the needs and intended development of the brand.
If you are looking for someone to get under the skin of your brand and business, look no further.

Reece Wood, Building Transformation


Right on the money

I worked with Box Creative to completely define and design my brand. Lauren has this ability to take the confused tangle of ideas and images I had in my head and create and come up with several brilliant designs that were right on the money. Being a small business owner it was brilliant to work with someone who can deliver the entire branding package, rather than just a small element. This meant it all came together to be really cohesive.

Helen Munshi, The Start-Up Studio

Which one of these sounds like you?:


“I’ve got a muddled idea of my business buzzing around my head, what IS it though?!”

I can unravel that and turn it into something solid, living and breathing – with a clear message, voice and visual identity. If you feel like a polished and complete brand and website is a long way off. Remember all businesses start precisely where you are, and I’ve helped many through it.


"My brand doesn’t reflect what we are today, we’ve outgrown it and I’m embarrassed by it!"

Go you! You’ve got to a stage where your big vision doesn’t match where you are today and need something new for your business of tomorrow.  We can evaluate where you are and where you’re going and build something fresh, together – you’ll have a brand fit for your next steps, and then some.


"I’ve got a logo and the basics, but don’t know what to do with them – I’m in a mess!"

BrandING starts with a logo – tick. I can take this and flesh it out into a full brand identity that covers colour palette, fonts, tone of voice, imagery, illustrations and and and…, all the tools you need to conquer your market. I offer monthly arrangements to manage and build design assets, to be there for you when you need it.


"I’m starting out and have ZERO funds…"

I offer top-value, simple packages to kick-start you on your way AND I have loads of freebies if you want to DIY it!

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We offer packages and complete services in Strategy, Design and Management of your brand.

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I am grateful I had the chance to talk with Lauren! Her suggestions on my brand were immensely insightful. I found it super useful to discuss my brand with her and hear my own responses and the feedback. Not sure if I ever had a chance to discuss my entire brand and plan with anyone for more than 10 mins!
My biggest concern going into the meeting was if Lauren tried to sell me a higher priced package. Glad it didn’t happen. I’m thankful to her for that.
I now have a path forward for the next few months with the long term in mind.
— Kurt Grela, 101 Blockchain St
Lauren has helped crystallise what had been on the tip of my tongue for some time!
— David Milton, Tricres LLP

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